The hair’s longer but the face is unmistakable… Charity Tate is back! Four years after she took off with son Noah she makes a shocking return to the lives of daughter Debbie and her ex, cousin Cain, wearing a wedding dress. In her time in Emmerdale Charity had (in the Biblical sense) Chris Tate (who she also married) and his sister Zoe, Cain (again) and Marlon from the Dingle selection and Tom and son Jimmy from the King clan. She also rediscovered her daughter, Debbie. Right now, though, Debbie’s preoccupied with getting to Michael’s wedding, where she’s sure she can convince him to say ’I don’t’.

Back in Emmerdale, Laurel and Ashley are trying to avoid another confrontation with Sally. She’s a bit hard to avoid, though, when she’s standing in the village with a bunch of flowers. Laurel takes Sally to the pub where she proves very popular with the locals and Laurel’s a bit put out. But is this just the start of her problems with Sally?

Meanwhile, Leyla decides to pay back Nathan in full and put an end to her awkward situation. She breaks the heel of one shoe, and takes them back for a refund. But she doesn’t get it. Where does this leave her and Nathan?

*Second episode*

So, it’s Michael’s wedding day and Debbie has dashed to the church to try to convince him to jilt his bride and live happily ever after with her. Is she crazy? Why would she want a man who could be so cruel and doesn’t she realise that Cain is determined that she and Michael will never have a ‘happily ever after’ future? She gets there in time to scream ’It should have been me!’ but does she actually stop the wedding? She certainly causes a few heads to turn – and one of them is the bride’s – her mother Charity!

In fact Debbie knows enough about the blushing bride to put Michael off marrying her but just how much will she reveal? Has she got it in her to wreck Charity’s happiness? Well, she is a Dingle… The restless guests just want to know if the wedding is off or on – but Debbie wants to know a lot more.

Michael would like a few questions answered, too. Top of the list is finding out how Debbie knows his fiancee and then deciding what to do about it. Will he still go ahead and get married?

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