It’s a one-way ticket for Val!

So, Val has got her way and she’s off to Portugal with Amy and without Pollard. Still, it’s just for a holiday, right? And Pollard hopes the family will be a much happier one when the girls return. Except Val’s not planning to return and when Diane tells Pollard this he confronts his wayward wife. He wants her to say he has nothing to worry about, but she doesn’t. Val lets Pollard know how she blames him for them losing Kyle and nearly losing Amy. She hates him and she can’t stay with him – and she leaves.

Moira loves farmer John and she tells him she’ll always love him. Chas told Moira John loves her, too, and Moira’s hoping that’s what he’ll tell her. But that’s not what he says. He tells Moira he can never forgive her for what she did.

Rachel has the hots for Marlon and just about everyone except Marlon knows this. Marlon has offered to lend Rachel’s family some money (which they wouldn’t need if they stopped drinking in the pub and eating at the cafe…) and Rachel’s very grateful. She tries to show Marlon how grateful she is by kissing him, but Marlon backs right off. Mortified, Rachel tells her family what happened and they give Marlon the money back. Phew! Reckon he had a narrow escape there!