It’s a sad day for Rebecca

Rebecca decides to report Richard for his past crime, aware that this means she has to tell Declan the truth. Meanwhile, Declan takes it upon himself to meet up with Richard, getting his number from Oliver’s phone. Declan ends up punching Richard, refusing to believe his side of the story.

Rebecca learns from Paul that her dad Alan Napier is close to death and summons the strength to face him for the first time in years. A tearful Alan apologises to Rebecca for his past mistakes, and admits he wished he had helped her punish Richard Aaronow. Realising her dad can prove her side of the story, she is devastated when Alan dies without bringing Richard to justice.

Rosie accuses Toadie of getting high while she does all the work. He’s hurt by her accusation and swears to beat her in Tim’s ‘billable-hours’ competition, unaware Tim is about to sack him. But Rosie is horrified when Frazer discovers the real culprit is actually Stonie, and apologises to Toadie. She reveals to Toadie that unless they both prove to Tim that Toadie has what it takes, he might well be out of a job.