It’s a sad day for the Kennedys

Following Karl and Susan’s announcement, Mal is angry and upset, not believing they had made the right decision. Desperate for them to make things work, Mal suggests ways of making it work but they’re adamant it’s over. Things become awkward at bedtime when Karl tells Susan the spare room isn’t made up. They agree to sleep in their room together but unable to sleep Karl heads for the sofa and cries, not knowing Susan is watching. The following day, Mal challenges Karl and Susan as to what really happened and he’s shocked when Karl admits it was his decision.

Upset, Summer heads to Andrew’s house to tell him what’s happened and even Paul is surprised. Summer seeks reassurance from Andrew that they’ll never end up like that and is pleased when Paul agrees to letting her stay for a while. However, when Paul points out that Andrew is the only person Summer has, he realises how serious things are about to get.

Kyle is upset, knowing Lou will probably sell the car yard following Toadie’s offer. When he tells Jade, she supports him and he asks if she’d like to hang out, but still confused over her feelings for him, she makes her excuses and leaves. Later, Karl confronts Jade, and tells her he has proper feelings for her and he asks if they can make a proper go of it.