It’s all a bad dream for Debbie

Poor Pete is left feeling confused as Debbie continues to blow hot and cold with him. The trouble is she’s still haunted by her experience with serial killer Cameron, so it’s beginning to take its toll on her new relationship. When the fledgling couple spend the night together, Pete’s woken up by Debbie having a nightmare. However, when he suggests she seeks help, Debbie goes on the defensive and sends him packing – but has she pushed him too far this time?

As Marlon wakes up with a sore head after celebrating his 40th birthday the night before, he’s adamant he wants nothing to do with Donna or daughter April. After Lauren, Paddy and Rhona try to convince him to be a part of April’s life, Donna tries to get through to him. Will she manage to change his mind?

After their plan to take Jai to the cleaners, Declan and Charity hatch a new plan which involves putting the business into administration so that Jai’s dad Rishi – an investor in the company – gets nothing.