It’s all Mia-Mia-Mia for Adam

If there was any good blood running through the veins of the late Tom King, he passed it on to his only daughter, Scarlett, a sweet girl who genuinely cares about her family and is smitten with Adam. She’s certainly nothing like her hard-nosed, manipulative mother. But she could use a few lessons from Mum on how to spot the blokes who will only break your heart. Remember how badly wrong it went with Daz; how Scarlett wanted them to live together and he didn’t? Well, she’s put all that behind her and now she wants to buy her own home – and move Adam in. She hasn’t noticed those looks Mia’s been giving him…

Katie feels that Andy is buzzing around her like a fly – and she really wants to swat him. The trouble is, Andy has a dream for their future – and it involves them being very much together.

Hazel’s life is proving to be more of a nightmare. She’s struggling to get to grips with the equipment she needs to use to help care for Jackson and is terrified of doing something wrong and hurting him. Jackson’s struggling, too… but because he can’t do anything for himself.

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