Hopeless Helen has been hanging on at Waterloo Road by her fingernails, and her torment at the hands of some of the more ruthless pupils has been almost painful to watch. As she’s just got out of a bed shared with Max, though, she’s feeling pretty good about herself. With him on her side, she’ll be just fine, she thinks…

But Helen is facing her first official inspection and she’s not going to get through it on her own merit. Amy says she’ll make sure the class behaves for £20 and Helen agrees. The Inspector is impressed – but Amy isn’t when Helen refuses to pay her any more. The schoolgirl feels a need to unburden herself and tells Rachel what’s been going on. Helen’s floundering and Max finishes her off… He hears gossip about them and decides Helen has to go, so he criticises her teaching capabilities. Helen knows she’s a bad teacher and decides to leave Waterloo Road. She also leaves Rachel a gift: film of Max giving a Helen a lesson you won’t find in any teacher-training manual!

Meanwhile, Chris has heard how Max threatened Rachel and withdraws his support for the Executive Head. But Kim is still unable to see Max for the violent control freak that he is. She hears he has filed for divorce and decides to give him another chance.

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