It’s all too much for Mrs Tembe!

Sid has the unlucky job of telling patients Luke and Lilly that the guidelines have changed and they are no longer entitled to another round of IVF. Upset, they turn to Mrs Tembe but when she reveals there’s nothing they can do, Luke angrily shouts at her. Luke tells her that he and Lilly will not give up hope and he wants her to know that, in that his eyes, she’s un-Christian.

When Valerie is the only person to sign up for the summer fayre stalls, Mrs Tembe shuts herself in her room and the staff begin to seriously worry about her. Jimmi tries to comfort her, but she represses her emotions again and continues with her work.

Daniel and Ruhma go to a house clearance sale and afterwards she talks to him about Muslim patients considering cosmetic surgery. They return to the sale and get revenge on an obnoxious buyer who keeps sneakily buying items they are interested in. They bid on an item keenly; their nemesis eventually outbidding them. They then reveal it’s worthless and revel in their victory!