It’s an explosive Christmas!

Summer isn’t happy when Lyn lets slip that she warned Andrew off of her and she walks out of Harold’s. She texts Andrew saying she needs to see him and as she waits at home, she notices the set of lights Lyn took off the tree and puts them back on.

In her room, Summer confronts Andrew, and fed up with lies and playing it safe, she admits that she has always wanted to be with him and they kiss. Andrew tells Summer he’ll end it with Tash because he wants to be with her. Unbeknown to the new lovebirds, the Christmas tree has gone up in flames.

It’s the day that the Citizen of the Year Award and Christmas party. Following the fierce competition between Karl and Susan, they are stunned when Lou is announced as the winner. As the party continues, Lyn tells Karl he is welcome to stay.

Donna receives a letter from a fashion institute in New York informing her she has been accepted on the course, but she’s confused as she didn’t apply. Zeke remembers Ringo saying he was going to do it for when they moved to the States.

Tash calls round to see Andrew and is shocked when she sees smoke billowing from Summer’s house. Waiting for the fire brigade, Tash goes into the burning house.

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