It’s another ‘happy’ Mitchell Christmas!

It’s Christmas morning and Sean sets up the karaoke sound system in the Square to serenade a delighted Roxy. Meanwhile, Archie realises a drunk Suzy is a liability and demands back the paternity test. Suzy instead confronts Roxy and tells her she knows and wants hush money. Roxy is devastated and unwittingly turns to Archie, who tells her that Suzy lied to Phil about her pregnancy.

Roxy tries to bargain with Suzy to keep the secrets, but Suzy instead tells Phil that she was never pregnant and he’s dumped! Archie raids the Vic safe to pay Suzy to leave Walford. But it seems that Suzy has left a parting gift when the family settle down for their lunch. When they pull the homemade crackers, Sean finds the paternity test inside his…

Ian brings Bianca a hamper of food to make up for being mean while the Masoods provide Christmas lunch for the Beales. Meanwhile, Darren and Garry break into the cafe to cook lunch, but are busted by the police. Ian sends the police away and invites Darren and Garry to join the family for lunch!

Also, Dot is over the moon when Jim manages to come home from Christmas.

*Second episode, 9pm*

Sean reads out the results of the test and there’s stunned disbelief around the table. Jack looks uncomfortable, realising he could be Amy’s dad. Roxy pleads with Sean in tears, but devastated, he flees to the Slaters and breaks down on Stacey, who then storms over to the Vic to confront Roxy. Danielle sneaks into the Vic flat and tells Roxy that Sean wants to speak with her.

Roxy heads to the launderette and finds a brooding Sean. Roxy tells Sean that she loves him, but he is intent on knowing who Amy’s real father is. Roxy lies it was nobody he knows. Jack and Ronnie turn up at the launderette and a bitter Sean jokes that Jack could be Amy’s father. When Jack doesn’t deny it Sean is furious and Ronnie is stunned…

Dot is moved when Jim gives her a pot he made for her Christmas and she promises Jim she’ll have him home as soon as it’s possible. Jim pulls out some mistletoe and kisses Dot before returning to the care home. Later, Dot is stunned when the doorbell goes and she opens the door to her estranged son Nick!

Also, the Beales are joined by most of the Square for Christmas lunch!

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