It’s Arthur vs Dominic

As the ongoing battle between doctors Arthur Digby and Dominic Copeland intensifies this week, Arthur’s efforts to prove he’s earned his Doctor of the Year award lead to devastating consequences. The trouble begins when the pair has to work together to treat Danny Lewis, a young man who’s having breathing difficulties after being involved in an explosion at a plastics factory.

Dominic gets off to a flying start when he diagnoses Danny with cyanide poisoning then suggests the best course of treatment and, in doing so, manages to impress boss Sacha – and antagonise Arthur. So Dominic’s put out when Sacha then leaves Arthur in charge of the ward. The power goes straight to Arthur’s head, and when Danny stops responding to treatment, Arthur dismisses Dominic’s suggestion to call Sacha.

But Arthur’s decision proves almost fatal when Danny’s condition deteriorates and Sacha’s forced to perform life-saving surgery. Later, Dominic smugly informs Arthur that he’s told Sacha he rejected his suggestion to call him. Will the warring docs ever learn to work as a team?

Meanwhile, Serena’s furious when she’s sent to cover AAU, but soon strikes up a bond with a patient, who is none other than Dr Harry Tressler’s dad! When Billy Tressler presents her with a business opportunity, Serena thinks she’s finally found a way to prove her worth to Guy. But with her eye firmly on the prize, will Serena heed Harry’s warning that his father is not all he seems?

And, as Jac steams ahead with plans for Emma, Jonny is determined not to be left behind. With the help of a familiar face, will Jonny be able to make his wishes heard?