It’s baby Kerry’s first Christmas

Dylan and Sky excitedly prepare for baby Kerry’s first Christmas, and Sky proposes that Dylan get their baby a memorable gift rather than just an expensive one. Later, after learning from Harold that Elle broke up with Dylan, Sky shares a kiss with her former boyfriend. But afterwards, they both realise they no longer feel anything for each other anymore but worry how to break the news.

Chris agrees with Janae’s suggestion to come clean to her family about her homosexuality. She psyches herself up to tell Pepper and Steiger at dinner, but doesn’t realise that Steiger is planning to propose!

Meanwhile, Steiger shows Pepper the engagement ring and she’s thrilled at the prospect of her parents getting back together but fears her dad may be moving too fast. An excited Steiger goes ahead and proposes, but is shell shocked when Chris reveals the truth about her lesbian relationship.

Stingray is chuffed when Dylan, Janae and Bree all turn up to his final AA meeting to provide moral support. But the mood soon turns sour when the family discover a letter for Janelle from Kim. Bree opens it, and is pleased to read that Kim has finally apologised to Janelle for everything he’s done, as well as reassure her that he won’t be returning to Ramsay Street.