It’s Brennan versus Montague

Brennan comes out of the shower to find the door’s been busted in – Montague is there with a crowbar. Brennan realises his trap has worked. He agrees to Montague’s order to call Danni, but sets his phone to record. He’s determined to get a confession out of Montague for killing Kate. Suddenly Susan shows up at the front door and Brennan’s forced to get rid of her, raising her suspicions. Meanwhile, Sheila’s rattled after seeing Montague the day before. She shares her concerns with Matt, and there’s a softening in her relationship with her daughter, when Naomi sees how rattled she is. Meanwhile, Brennan’s determined to force Montague to confess, but suddenly Imogen turns up – this has just become a hostage situation.

Brennan and Imogen realise they now have the opportunity to distract Montague and call for help. Brennan attempts to text Matt, but the plan fails when Montague smashes Brennan’s phone. Meanwhile, Susan raises her concerns about Brennan with Sonya, who gets in touch with Matt, and the police rush to the scene. But before they arrive, Brennan locks Imogen in a cupboard before taking on a fleeing Montague.

The police rush to Ramsay Street as Sonya worries for absent Callum, who isn’t answering his phone, and Sheila worries for Naomi. Brennan manages to fight off Montague, but he flees. Brennan frees Imogen from the cupboard, and the police step up the search for Montague. Little does anyone know, Callum’s in the Turners’ back yard… and comes face-to-face with Montague…