Tori gives Brody some sibling encouragement for his new job at The Diner by walking with him in on his first day. As they make their way to The Diner, they see Mason, and Tori reminds him that he has a meeting with his supervisor – but will he take the meeting seriously? Brody arrives at The Diner, grateful for a new job, but underwhelmed by the menu. Will Brody be able to spruce up things up?

At the hospital, Beth is in good spirits, so she and Mason decide to spend the day together. Will Mason miss his disciplinary meeting to spend time with Beth?

Meanwhile, Kat, Robbo, Justin and Scarlett have arrived at a secluded cabin for their getaway retreat. As the couples unpack their belongings and start to explore the cottage, they are unaware that they’re being watched by the stranger that has followed them. Later, a repairman stops by the cottage to fix the generator; unbeknownst to Kat, Robbo, Justin and Scarlett the repairman is the same person who has been watching their every move.

In the evening, Robbo finds a piece of wick while gathering firewood, which leaves him puzzled. He shrugs off to enjoy a romantic evening by the fire with Kat, Justin and Scarlett. However, the romance comes to an abrupt end when Robbo discovers a bomb has been planted near the cottage. Will the foursome make it out alive?