It’s chaos at Niamh’s dinner party!

It’s the night that Emma’s hosting Niamh’s welcome dinner party and the conversation is strained and awkward between guests Daniel, Zara, Jimmi and Al, until Niamh arrives with a bottle of bubbly. But Niamh soon puts her foot in it when she wonders aloud why anyone would ever have a relationship with Howard and Emma is forced to admit that she did, then Niamh mentions ‘Hot Tub Man’, Emma’s recent one night stand. 

And it seems there’s no stopping Niamh once she gets started… After quizzing Zara about having more children, Niamh’s motified when she says she can’t. Then as Emma knocks a beer over Jimmi’s lap and he desperately tries to clean himself up, Niamh jokes about him looking a bit OCD.  Jimmi is horrified and escapes to the bathroom while Niamh is informed that he does in fact have OCD!

When Emma discovers she’s forgotten to turn the oven on, Niamh takes charge and says they can skip the main course and have pudding, Irish coffees and presents! Finally, the ice is well and truly broken, the gang get quickly drunk as they blow-torch the tops of some crème brulee’s and Niamh hands out her presents – mini versions of each of them, made from household junk.

Niamh suggests a ‘mini’ dinner party where they each say something nice about the other. But the harmony doesn’t last long and, as they all start arguing, Niamh watches in shock and Emma vows never to hold a dinner party again!

Meanwhile, Karen and Mrs Tembe bond over good food and fine wine and somehow end up dancing the night away…