It’s Chaos ED!

Holby’s under-resourced emergency department is stretched to breaking point when neighbouring hospital St James’s closes its doors to patients this week, when its so busy it can’t cope.

All ambulances are diverted to Holby and, to make matters worse, a suspected carbon monoxide leak at a rowdy party sees the department inundated with teenage revellers needing to be checked for poisoning!

Understaffed, with no beds, and ambulances backing up outside the hospital, clinical lead Zoe decides patients will have to be treated on trolleys. But, unnoticed by the overstretched staff, a journalist is taking photos of the abysmal situation!

Meanwhile, consultant Connie is openly critical of Zoe’s decisions and Zoe only just manages to talk her out of informing hospital CEO Guy Self of the crisis.
Later Connie regrets her decision not to call Guy when Arthur, a vulnerable dementia patient left unsupervised in the chaotic reception, wanders off and ends up getting seriously injured on a nearby dual carriageway.

Connie does everything she can save Arthur, so she’s left reeling when he dies and blames she Zoe for his avoidable death!

As the shift ends and a damning article about the hospital emerges in the morning papers, Zoe’s job is in serious doubt when Guy invites Connie to captain the casualty department…