It’s chaos in the Walker household

Dex is heartbroken after finding out Graves only agreed to go on a date with him to get information on Penn’s disappearance, and Indi is frantically studying for her exams. In such a chaotic household, it’s no wonder Marilyn and Sid are finding it hard to break the news to the kids that Marilyn is moving in. But she believes Mitzy’s prediction that she will die soon and is adamant she wants to spend her remaining days with Sid.

Roo is in a contemplative mood. She starts considering her life as she wanders through Summer Bay. She questions whether she belongs there any more. She spends some time with Alf, who gets annoyed with her being so negative about her time in the Bay. It’s only when she comes across Angelo fishing that she starts to recall all the things she used to enjoy about her time there.

Robertson prepares to leave Summer Bay. He doesn’t see much point in sticking around, as his investigation into Penn’s disappearance has come to a standstill and there’s been no fresh evidence. Charlie is pleased – good riddance. But it seems he won’t be gone long… Penn’s body has washed up on the beach.

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