Cain thinks he has his surprise wedding for Charity all worked out: Debbie’s just got to pick a dress for her mum to wear and Chas just has to get the bride to the register office on time… Sounds simple enough but Chas realises she has a problem when she sees Charity drive by on a job for Carl. Stop that van!

Chas manages to convince Charity to join her on a trip to town instead of working and Charity thinks they’re going to see Sam marry Olena. Imagine her surprise, then, when she realises it’s her own wedding day. Surely she can’t resist such a romantic gesture from the usually Neanderthal Cain – can she?

Holly is clearly able to resist Aaron’s attempts at romance. Most girls would jump at the chance to dress up for a wedding but Holly turns down Aaron’s invitation to the event. She is so over him and the poor confused boy doesn’t know what to do. Our advice? Don’t invite Adam instead.

At The Woolpack, there’s progress between Maisie and Ryan… She can talk to the half-brother who was nearly her lover without then downing double vodkas and that’s good for them both. Diane’s profits should go up a bit, too!

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