It’s Charlie versus the Braxtons… again!

Nicole suspects that the Braxtons are involved in Angelo’s disappearance and gives Charlie the note Angelo received last week. Charlie gets a handwriting sample from Heath and when the samples match, they search the restaurant and the Braxton house. Their search turns up nothing. When they find Angelo’s car, torched and with blood on the seat, Charlie warns Ruby to be vigilant. She tells Brax that if he is involved, he’s going down.

Leah and Miles go on their first date. It’s awkward at first, despite Miles’s attempts to keep things light. But when the drug squad burst into the restaurant, Leah laughs at what will now be the best first date story ever. Things get far more relaxed at home and they decide to take the next step.

Dex realises he’s falling for April, big time, and decides to declare his feelings through a blog. But when April chats to Xavier, Xavier thinks he might have another chance with her. He asks Dex for advice. Horrified, Dex tells him there’s no way this can happen. He sounds out April and to his dismay, April is touched by Xavier wanting to get back together, and she approaches him to give it a shot. Dex deletes his blog, heartbroken.

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