It’s Chas and Lexi’s lucky day

Chas and Lexi have bonded after their night in the abandoned farmhouse and Lexi confides that she spent two years in a Mexican prison smuggling drugs. When they later return to the village they are confronted by Mrs McFarlane but they’re shocked when instead of haranguing them she gives them cash as a thank you as she hated her bullying husband! Later, Eli spots a self-drawn tattoo on Lexi and guesses that she’s done time. Eli tries to blackmail her and a furious Lexi assumes that Chas spilled the beans.

Marlon and Donna are woken by Eli demanding to come in and use the loo and when Marlon moans about him waking them up Eli blithely asks for his own key. Donna agrees, as long as Eli gives them rent money. Eli takes money from Marlon to pay Donna her ‘rent’ and Marlon is powerless to disagree.

Perdy is bemused when Paul visits and points out he saw a small kitten-sized grave in the garden. Gray sees Perdy’s muddy shoes next to the door and despite her protestations, accuses her of burying the kitten. Gray calls out the doctor, but Perdy begs him not to let them take her away.

Also, Scarlett’s hurt when she sees Daz kissing Penny.