Jimmi wakes the morning after his stag night with a black eye and a missing best man. Kevin awakes in pain and is shocked by what he sees in the mirror. Meanwhile, Cherry wakes up confused on a sun lounger…

Flashback to the night before and Daniel’s being teased by best man Franklyn for planning a lame stag do. Daniel gives Jimmi some dares like downing an attractive woman’s drink.

Meanwhile, as Cherry happily gets drunk, Paula says she still thinks she’s making a mistake marrying Jimmi. But when Cherry hears Zara jokingly tell Paula that Cherry can divorce Jimmi if it doesn’t work out, she’s angry.

The stags walk to another pub and when Franklyn suggests Jimmi get a tattoo of the women he’s slept with, Kevin stumbles towards a tattoo parlour… and has Freya’s name tattooed on his bum!

As the hens walk to another bar, Zara moans about her feet and Cherry loses it. As Zara goes home upset, Cherry sneaks into the pool area of Jimmi’s hotel. Daniel and Jimmi wrap Franklyn naked to a lamppost in Clingfilm.

Back in the present, as Jimmi realises his black eye is shoe polish, Cherry returns to the hungover hens. Jimmi’s still worried about Franklyn, who emerges from a house, kissing an attractive woman goodbye. But who is it?