It’s Christmas chaos at the Platts

*One-hour special*

Christmas Day dawns and the Websters and Platts gather for their Christmas lunch with a happy holiday atmosphere. But the mood is soon ruined when David hands Gail another ‘gift’ – Ivy’s diary!

Evil teen David proceeds to read the entry about her wanting to abort him and everyone is stunned. The festive lunch is further disturbed when Gail answers the door to a surprise guest – Bill’s wife Maureen (Sherrie Hewson). Bill and Audrey attempt to keep their affair secret, but David blurts out the truth and chaos ensues!

Over at the Rovers, Liz and Vernon are making the most of the mistletoe and smooching at any opportunity. Steve is made to feel even more miserable about missing out on his chance with barmaid Michelle and he’s instead stuck entertaining Blanche, Ken and Deirdre!

At the Grimshaws, Sean and Violet call a festive truce, while Jason slips out to the pub to see Sarah. Eileen’s left alone in the house and she’s stunned when a young girl turns up on the doorstep and dumps a baby that she claims is Jason’s! Jason looks like a rabbit in the headlights when he sees the little bundle, while Sarah is fuming.

Also, Vera is stunned when Jack puts off going to the pub to tidy up Christmas dinner with Tyrone.