It’s confession time for Pollard…

Val has left Pollard and moved into the pub with Diane (just what Diane needs: more Valerie drama). Val’s convinced Pollard is a murderer and doesn’t want to become his next victim when he gets tired of her cheeky little put-downs and aversion to work. But Pollard’s convinced that when Val hears his confession she’ll take him back. So he confesses that, yes, he was going to kill Elizabeth, but the crashing plane got to her first. So he’s not a murderer. He’s the not the man Val thought he was, either, and she still doesn’t want him.

Does Declan want Ella? It certainly seemed like he did at the end of 2010, but in 2011 they’re back to arguing all the time. Ella tries to seduce him again but this time she fails and feels that maybe it’s time she put Declan in the past and left him in Emmerdale while she makes a life for herself elsewhere. With the ball firmly in Declan’s court he has to decide what his next play will be.

Adam definitely knows what he wants his next move to be – and it’s not into a flat with Scarlett. Instead, he dumps her… Ouch!