Bob is worried about Jamie and he heads to the police station to confess that he murdered Tom!

The Kings are stunned at the news of Bob’s confession and Carl revels in being the bearer of bad tidings when he tells Bob’s family the news. Jamie is adamant that Bob can not be Tom’s murderer, but it seems suspicious that he is so sure.

Pollard slyly tries to get David to invest his inheritance money in a new specialised cleaning service. Pollard claims he’s been struggling to find a trustworthy business partner up to now. Val hears about Pollard’s scheming and warns David to be careful of his father.

Paddy does his best to convince himself that he does want to marry Toni after all and he asks Marlon to be his best man. Marlon is stunned at Paddy’s plans, especially when Paddy admits that it was an unintended proposal. Toni, meanwhile, admits to Diane that she’s having big doubts about spending the rest of her life with Paddy and Diane urges her to back out.