It’s crunch time for Maggie

During a break in the court proceedings, Charlie phones Maggie to tell her that Zoe has found a file that proves her innocence. Marilyn has overheard, however, and when Zoe arrives at the court she offers her the chance to run ED if she hands over the file.

Zoe feels she can’t turn down the opportunity and tells Charlie and Maggie that she’s made a mistake and brought the wrong information. Zoe’s conscience is troubled, however, and when she’s given the chance to speak to the court she agonises over which path to take: to lie, or tell the truth and save Maggie even though it means exposing her affair with Sean.

Meanwhile, Snezana and Jeff work to rescue Marko from the buried truck but he’s in a serious condition. Scared he’s going to die, he makes Snezana promise to take his daughter Natasa back to Serbia if he doesn’t survive. It’s apparent that the working conditions at the quarry, staffed by illegal immigrants, are terrible and it looks as if there may be more than one victim at the site.

Back at the hospital, Ruth is waylaid by a journalist who’s been speaking to Toby. He wants to know about her suicide attempt and when she realises it’s Toby who’s told him she confronts him in front of his mother.