It’s crunch time for Oliver and Elle

Oliver tells Elle he’s going to be a father, but it’s too much to take for the exhausted Elle who had to face the same situation with Dylan a year ago. Elle feels her only option is to break up with Oliver, despite Oliver’s belief that she will come round. However, Elle refuses to listen and tells Oliver she has no energy to fight for him any more, with their destinies so obviously against them.

Karl begins his investigation into Vivex Pharma’s manufacturing methods, but is distracted by the flirty attentions of his new, attractive PA. But after Karl makes it clear he’s unavailable and starts his covert detective work, he’s forced to rethink when his PA catches him red-handed…

Frazer spends a final day with Ringo in the country in an attempt to make him realise that it’s not the ideal place for his kid brother. But, during the day, Frazer begins to realise that if the country life makes Ringo happy, maybe he should stay there rather than return to Erinsborough.

Also, Ned and Janae are desperate for a romantic night alone, but are thwarted by a restless Mickey, and the arrival of the Parker family.