Could this be the end of an era? As Karen and her staff anxiously await the local authority’s decision on whether to close the school, Eleanor is finally having an attack of conscience about her treachery, but it might just be too little too late.

Meanwhile, the Year 10s are helping with a community garden project – and no one’s keener than newcomer Scout. Unfortunately, the troubled youngster is called away by her irresponsible mother, who insists she come home to look after her baby brother. Enter well-meaning Chris, who again risks criticism by trying to help out. It may not be enough, however, as Scout’s frustrations with her family have destructive and near-tragic consequences.

Elsewhere, a sudden health scare for Vicki ends with a heart-breaking development, but she’s overwhelmed when it’s loyal Ronan who puts a smile back on her face. And it looks like those staff flirtations that have been simmering in recent weeks could finally be blossoming into something more substantial.