It’s D-Day for Deano and Chelsea

Chelsea panics on the day of the court case that Deano may have done another runner when she realises that Deano hasn’t been seen since last night. Carly finds Deano at Shirley’s and she forces him to return home. The family are shocked when they see Deano’s badly beaten face and he admits that he’s taken a pasting from Sean.

Meanwhile, Shirley digs out her suit for Deano’s day in court but disaster strikes when Heather spills coffee down it. Shirley kits herself out in a new outfit from Stacey’s stall and she rushes out of the house, but she’s distracted by a call from Heather and walks into the path of a passing car. Shirley hasn’t been badly hurt and, against the advice of the concerned car driver, Vince (Bobby Davro), she convinces him to drive her to the court, not hospital.

The Wicks and Fox families wait nervously for Chelsea and Deano’s verdicts. Denise is unimpressed when she sees Carly sitting with a smirking Sean. Chelsea and Deano are in shock when they’re each given a six-month jail term!

Also, Jane asks Steven to leave and Pat agrees to let Steven stay with her.

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