It’s one disaster after another as David and Alicia prepare to tie the knot. When the heating packs up, the barmaid is forced to start getting ready elsewhere and is soon dealt another blow as Val burns her hair while she’s styling it! At Pollard’s, David is violently ill but manages to reassure Alicia that everything will be OK when she phones in a flap. With Priya willing everything to go wrong, it just looks as though it might when Alicia’s long-lost sister Leyla, who is also David’s ex, arrives…

At Home Farm, Declan’s reached rock bottom. He’s drinking in the Woolie with an equally miserable Charity when Megan drops in. She’s horrified by the state of the place. While Megan starts combing the grounds for Declan, her drunk brother sets light to his home, much to Charity’s utter shock.

After returning the presents he stole from Home Farm, Sam organises a romantic proposal for Rachel. She’s thrilled when he gets down on one knee to pop the question, and happily accepts!