It’s Debbie vs Ross at the garage!

*Second episode*

Debbie and Ross do not make good work colleagues, and as the situation escalates, Cain has to step in. Chatting to her dad, Debbie says she reckons she can handle Ross. But considering the violent carjacker’s form, should she be so sure?

At the police station, innocent Sam’s trying to talk his way out of a very dark hole. Trying to get Rachel off the hook, he explains why he returned to Home Farm alone after sneaking in with his cleaner fiancee – but the detectives don’t believe his story. Charity’s starting to feel guilty about Sam’s predicament. She knows she’s breaking the Dingle code by going against one of her own – but when she hears the case against Sam is looking shaky, Charity refocuses on the task in hand.
Ruby and Ali are on tenterhooks as they do a test to see if they’re pregnant. And it turns out Ruby was right – she’s expecting! It’s fabulous news for the thrilled couple, who excitedly discuss who they should tell first.