It’s Debbie’s party and she’ll cry if she wants to!

As Debbie turns 20 she gets her birthday wish: her mum and her dad are there for her. Charity gives Debbie a little something, but size has always mattered to Cain, who hands her the keys to a new car. Debbie’s thrilled (but Carl and Jimmy aren’t; Cain’s been splashing their cash!). Now, what could possibly spoil Debbie’s day? How about Charity doing a runner – again!

At her birthday meal, Debbie phones to find out where Charity is and is told by Noah that they’re leaving. Party’s over! Debbie races home to confront her mum and is hit by the awful truth that Cain gave Charity the money to get away. Angry and hurt, Debbie turns on Noah, telling him who his real father is, then watches tearfully as he leaves with Charity. Are they really gone for good, though?

Meanwhile, a worried Laurel visits Sally. It’s Vincent who greets Laurel, though, and he’s quickly offended by her suggestion that Sally may not be safe with him. Is she?

At The Woolpack, a well-dressed but depressed Marlon returns from his divorce solicitor. But when Moira tells him he’s looking good and suggests he enjoy a night out with the lads, Marlon perks up…

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