Amy isn’t interested in being a mum and is happy to let Kathy take charge of the baby, reading magazines, texting Michaela, and planning shopping trips instead. But, after a row with her family, Amy flees to Michaela’s, where she ends up confessing everything, including Kathy’s plan to pose as the baby’s mum. Later, Amy realises she has an important decision to make over her daughter’s future…

Kris refuses to listen to Jessica’s apologies but she’s determined to win him over, and even persuades Jack to give Kris his old job at The Dog back. But when Kris continues to give Jessica the cold shoulder and she throws a strop, Kris relents and tells her he’s ready to forgive.

With their burger business having hit the rocks, Max and OB are having problems thinking of more money-making ideas. But just as it looks as if the boys will have to give up, OB gets a call from an advertising company who’ve spotted Tom’s photo in the Chester Herald and want to book him for a photo shoot.

Also, desperate Jacqui attends a job interview, but her prospective boss refuses to give the job to an ex-con. Disappointed, Jacqui ends up lying to her family that she got the job.

*Shown on TV3 on Friday March 30*