It’s decision time for Andrew

Tash’s suspicions about Andrew and Summer are raised when during a business meeting with Thomas, Tash finds out that Andrew and Summer kissed. Andrew explains it was only to get Thomas off Summer’s back. When Thomas asks for Summer’s number, Andrew is hesitant, so Tash sends him over to Harold’s. After initially refusing, Summer changes her mind and decides to meet Thomas. But Andrew isn’t happy and goes round to see Summer, but he can’t tell her how he really feels and they end up arguing.

At the station, Mark is shocked when he watches back Kate’s interview. Knowing she fiddles with her locket when she is lying, he is concerned when he sees her doing just that. When Mark orders a coffee from Kate in Harold’s, she knows something isn’t right. Mark calls round later and he tells Kate he’s just got a lot on his mind before presenting her with a new necklace, since she has stopped wearing her locket. However, as he leaves, Kate knows something is wrong.

Despite Declan’s attempts to keep Rebecca from finding out about the case being reopened, Michael calls her and leaves a message, telling her just that. Micheal is pleased when a present arrives from Rebecca.

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