Kieron is still angry with John-Paul for telling Mercedes about their relationship, and Niall convinces him he has to decide who he loves more � John-Paul or the church. Later, in a bid to ruin John-Paul’s happiness, Niall gives Michaela the keys to the flat. John-Paul is devastated to learn that Kieron is unwilling to sacrifice his vocation for him – but they’re both unaware that Michaela has heard every word.

Happy after kissing and making up, Max and Steph look forward to their lunch date. Niall is devastated to hear they are trying to work things out and confesses to Carmel that he and Steph shared a kiss. Despite being initially angry when he later overhears Carmel sharing the gossip with Mercedes, Niall realises that Max finding out might be to his advantage. Soon, the news is all over Hollyoaks. Max is gutted and refuses to listen to Steph’s explanation. As far as Max is concerned, it’s over!

Carmel is sad her own family aren’t interested in helping her find the perfect wedding dress, but is offered partial comfort when Valerie shows some interest.

Also, new Hollyoaks resident Rafi is bemused that Nancy has taken a dislike to him.

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