It’s decision time for Steph

Max is finding it difficult to accept Steph’s bombshell that their marriage is over and she’s now love with Toadie, while Boyd is angry when Steph tells him things can’t just go back to how they were before Max disappeared. Later, Max tells Boyd he intends to fight for Steph.

Elsewhere, Janae informs Steph she suspects Max was having an affair. Steph confronts him, and is upset to learn that he turned to another family for help. Deeply confused, Steph visits Toadie in hospital where he implores her to choose him over Max, and Steph’s realises she has a terrible decision to make…

Despite telling her the truth about his wealthy status, Will is frustrated when Carmella still thinks he’s lying. But Elle is convinced that Will is actually being honest, and sends him a text message on Carmella’s behalf daring him to prove it.

Will meets the challenge by taking a sceptical Carmella in a limo to one of the luxury hotels his family owns. He re-pledges his love for Carmella, but is devastated when she declares she can never trust him again.

Ned is flustered when Frazer reveals he knows he’s been stealing his racing tips, but is defiant when Frazer expresses his concern that Ned is getting out of his depth as a gambler.