It’s Declan v Ringo at the big AFL game

It’s the big day of the Dingoe’s premiership game and Declan and Ringo go head to head in a battle to impress the visiting AFL scout. While Ringo stresses the importance of playing as a team, Declan goes against the team in an attempt to score himself an AFL future. Feeling the pressure, Declan stops focusing on the game and concentrates instead on his AFL career prospects, and loses his form.

Disappointed, the Dingoes look set to lose the premiership until some half-time words from Captain Ringo knock some sense into Declan and he picks up his game. However, instead of playing as a team, he ignores Ringo in a make or break situation and almost costs the Dingoes a grand final win.

When Toadie returns from Ballarat without Callum, he pushes away Steph’s attempts to comfort him. Toadie instead looks to Kelly for direction, piquing Steph’s jealousy at no longer being central to his life and prompting her to allow Kelly to misunderstand a truth that Toadie is sure to find embarrassing.

Dan and Ben return from Bali but their formerly strong relationship seems under strain. When Libby worries that Ben is out of sorts, Ben plays on her motherly concern and throws a spanner in her blossoming relationship with Dan.

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