Jimmi and Daniel are getting on like a house on fire as flatmates, and Daniel arrives at The Campus in a great mood.
Meanwhile, Julia receives a phone call from the local radio station asking if any doctors would like to do a medical phone-in show. Julia and Karen think that Jimmi would be ideal – but Daniel feels put out not to be considered. Could this break up their happy home?

Elsewhere, Michelle is getting little sympathy from her colleagues as she moans about Ruth, so she ropes Zara into a girls’ night out. At a club, a drunken Michelle picks up a bloke who’s the spitting image of Adam, and the pair end up in an alleyway outside.

When Michelle realises what she’s doing, she pushes the guy away and jumps in a taxi, which stops at Julia’s house, where Ruth answers the door. As Michelle rants, Ruth tries to calm her down but a neighbour has called the police. Sergeant Collins arrives and arrests Michelle, much to Ruth’s embarrassment.

Also, an old friend of Simon’s begs him for help when his mother returns from holiday with a Turkish toyboy in tow.

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