It’s Fright Night at The Mill…

Jas and Kevin are both working late at The Mill so it’s their job to lock up and head straight onto Valerie’s Halloween party from work. Kevin says what a great guy Aran is and how good it is to see him and Jas back together. Jas admits that she’s not totally sure she’s done the right thing. He’s a catch in anyone’s book and yet somehow she feels like there is something missing. Kevin is brutal: he likes the guy, but if it’s not right, she should dump him. At the party, Aran is delighted to see Jas. Valerie, Mrs Tembe and Mandy all take her aside to say how lovely Aran is or what a catch he is. Jas looks uncomfortable.

Also at the party, Barry is all over Franklyn suspecting – correctly – that he was responsible for the graffiti on Daniel’s car yesterday. Franklyn convinces Barry that he has an alibi, but Valerie doesn’t. Barry buys this and looks at Valerie in a whole different way. At the end of the night Mrs Tembe feels the party was a disaster, but Valerie reckons it was the best evening she’s had since she left the PCT; what a lovely group of people they are. When she suggests another party for Bonfire Night, Mrs Tembe looks horrified!

Also, Emma encounters a woman whose hatred of trick or treaters runs deep.