Tom and Jack rush over with good news; Steph’s fine and is on her way to the registry office. After the official wedding, Gilly covers Steph’s eyes as he leads her onto patio of The Dog for his big surprise. She’s delighted that Louis is there.

Darren arrives in the nick of time and Gilly and Steph make their way down to the jetty for their special service. Steph’s had a fantastic day, but there’s one last thing she has to do and drags Gilly over to the SU bar so she can wish Cindy well.

Cindy explains to Darren that she’s got to marry Alistair for a secure future for Holly. During the ceremony Blanche accuses Cindy of playing away with Darren and Cindy puts Darren on the spot, asking him to speak up in her defence. The congregation are in uproar as Alistair makes his decision.

Also; Jason evades Anita’s questions and she leans in for another kiss. Bart interrupts and drags Jason out, wanting to get rid of all the partygoers. Myra and Jacqui are horrified to return home and discover the damage, as well as the empty vase. Just as Jason is about to change back into Jasmine’s clothes, Anita tracks him down.

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