Amy had wanted her baby in Hotten General ‘with every drug you can throw at us’, as she firmly told her midwife. But she’s on her own and in a panic when she goes into labour. Her social worker’s car is outside the B&B and Amy thinks she has been found out. In fact, the social worker’s there to tell Val that Amy’s too old to be adopted. Val’s gutted. But she doesn’t know Amy’s hiding out in the village cemetery, about to give birth to a baby that she wants to put up for adoption.

Katie doesn’t know how to respond to Declan’s proposal. ‘Yes’ isn’t the word on Katie’s lips when Declan stands her up for lunch and sends Nicola to summon Katie to Home Farm. Katie marches off, ready to give Declan a piece of her mind, but he silences her with a home-cooked meal, a diamond ring and another proposal.

Priya leaves Jai speechless with her actions – she has him arrested for assault! It’s all Cain’s idea, but Priya executes it and Jai is sent home with a caution. If this is Cain’s way of wooing Charity it’s not working. She goes to see him and makes it clear he’s gone too far.