It’s Hammer time!

Charlie tries to comfort Brax after Tegan’s death. He in turn tries to support a shell-shocked Heath. Charlie takes a walk with Bianca and while discussing Tegan’s final moments, she finally admits to her ongoing affair with Brax. Hammer turns up and gives Brax a stern warning that he and Charlie should fear for their lives.

When Brax later spots Hammer’s car speeding through Summer Bay, he takes off in search of Charlie. Brax spots Charlie jogging and tackles her to the ground, but a shot has already been fired from Hammer’s car. The bullet hits Charlie in the shoulder.

Liam, Roo and Elijah are helping clean up The Diner since Colleen claims she is too fragile after her near-death experience. When a woman asks for Irene, a surprised Liam points her in the right direction.

Irene is about to leave for hospital and is thrown by the surprise arrival of Gypsy and Lily! Bianca meets their houseguests and is shocked to learn Irene has been keeping her cancer diagnosis from her.

April has a go at Liam for pestering Bianca after the storm accident. April suggests Liam does everyone a favour by giving Bianca the space she needs. Liam leaves a letter for Bianca with Gypsy.