It’s Heather and Minty’s big day…

Heather accepts Minty’s proposal but is still worried about Hazel. Minty insists that it is her that he wants and they return to the Square. Garry is convinced that Hazel must have dumped Minty, but Hazel sadly admits that Minty did the dumping. At the register office, Minty and Heather start their vows but are interrupted by Queenie, who announces that the wedding is a scam! The couple are finally married after a quick explanation to journalist Marni. Heather stands up to her mother and tells her to leave.

Phil brings Shirley back from the hospital with her results but she leaves them unopened when a jealous and suspicious Vinnie sees her with Phil and storms out of the Vic. Shirley find Vinnie and reassures him that it’s him she wants. Phil reads Shirley’s letter and smiles at her to indicate that it’s OK.

Ronnie and Jack argue about Roxy. Ronnie goes out to find her sister and is disgusted when she finds her trashed at Sean’s. Ronnie demands that Roxy come home, but Roxy defiantly refuses.

Also, Christian taunts Steven about their attraction; Gus bites off more than he can chew when he stands up to Sean; Jack contemplates his attraction to Tanya.

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