It’s Howard v Heston!

Heston has an appointment with his doctor, who warns that if he doesn’t change his lifestyle, another heart attack is imminent. Heston doesn’t like being lectured and is in a foul mood as he arrives for a partner’s meeting at The Mill. His mood is further darkened when Howard starts with his plan for a Cardio Vascular Ultrasound System for The Mill – they’ve already vetoed this, it’s a waste of time and money. 

The two men lock horns and, as a battleground is forged over the machine, Daniel and Zara call time out. They’re not sure what Heston’s problem is, but Zara’s sure this machine is just Howard’s way of forgetting about Emma. Meanwhile, Heston and Howard target Zara and Daniel, both trying to get them to see their way. Finally, Zara and Daniel hold a meeting – Howard should go away and write a proposal, they’ll then all read it and decide on that. Heston reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, as news of the death of Al’s aunt spreads through The Mill, Jas heads to the florist and passes around a card for all to sign. Jas asks Jimmi to drop it round to Al but, when he says he’s busy, she realises she’ll have to take it round to Al’s herself. Although he’s touched by the flowers, Al doesn’t invite her in. Things are still awkward between them, but Al’s grateful for Jas’s concern.

Also, a journalist, locksmith and scatty PC thwart Rob’s attempts to solve a spate of robberies in Letherbridge.