It’s Hunter’s turn to be questioned…

Hunter finally arrives back in Summer Bay and, when Kat and Dylan interview him, he reveals that their relationship with his mother was at breaking point. After the interview, Dylan asks Kat to dinner, but she declines and reminds him of the violence she suffered in their relationship.

Josh confronts Hannah about keeping Andy and Evelyn’s kiss a secret. Hannah explains that the kiss meant nothing and takes him home. Later, Evelyn pays Josh a visit to apologise for kissing Andy – but Josh says he’s leaving the Bay for good!

Meanwhile, Olivia is taken aback when she overhears Alf and VJ discussing Hunter’s return. When she heads home, Hunter pays her visit and explains that he was picked up by a passing stranger. What Olivia doesn’t know, is that Hunter has a text on his phone from someone called Lindsay that says: “Best weekend of my life. Xxx”