It’s Jack and Sam’s wedding day

Martha visits Jack ahead of his wedding to Sam, but when she finds them relaxed and happy together, she leaves without talking to Jack. When Martha returns to her apartment, Michael informs her that has no desire to be second best in Martha’s life and he’s leaving without her. With the wedding just hours away, Sam is distressed when she unzips the wedding dress bag and discovers her original choice of dress – the one Martha tried on. Jack too is suffering from nerves, but fights his way through them. Meanwhile, Cassie bumps into Martha the beach and reveals why she’s not going to the wedding and declares that she’s determined to follow her heart with Henk. Realising this is her last chance to get back together with Jack, Martha arrives with the wedding service in full swing, but is struck with doubt and hesitates. By the time she enters the church, Sam and Jack are married. Ric continues to be haunted by his break-up with Matilda and the knowledge that Viv is having his baby, and shares his problems with Lucas. But while they’re discussing the issue, Matilda overhears Viv’s news and is furious. VIDEO: Watch Home and Away highlights here