It’s Jamie’s party and he’ll cry if he wants to!

It’s party time for Jamie and Gennie, who are saying their goodbyes before they head off to run their own pub in Cornwall. Concerned about the state of Bob’s relationship with Viv, Gennie gets him alone and gives him a pep talk. Unfortunately, she follows this up with a kiss that Jamie witnesses – and he sees more to it than there really is. Bob and Gennie try to make light of it but Jamie isn’t laughing. And when Viv walks in she sees the heartbreak on his face. Nothing gets past Viv and, immediately, she wants to know what’s going on. Gosh, where do they start… and where will it all finish?

Up at Home Farm, Nathan isn’t playing happy families, either. He does not like to see his mum and Declan getting on so well and tells her that, in his typically nasty way. But Natasha sneers at him. So Nathan turns on Declan, but he laughs at him. Is Nathan being pushed too far?

Family life at Butlers Farm is also far from normal. Moira has let farmer John move back home, but he has to tell their kids about his frolic with Eve before the village gossips get to them. Ouch!

*Second episode*

There’s no such thing as a secret in soapland – that’s why we watch! Bob has kept his one-night stand with Gennie from Viv for nearly a year, but now it’s his turn to face the music – and dance to Viv’s tune. Viv has realised that Bob and Gennie have history and Jamie decides the farewell party’s over. Hurt, Jamie turns his back on Gennie. Hurt and angry Viv throws Bob out. Oh, and not wanting to be left out, Brenda is miffed because Terry didn’t tell her that Bob slept with Gennie. The Relate counsellors need to open an office in Emmerdale… fast!

Talking of shaky relationships… Farmer John has to ‘fess up to his kids about kissing frisky filly Eve. What no one realises – yet – is that his antics mean mum and dad haven’t been watching Holly as closely as they should have. That girl’s going to be trouble, just like her dad, you just watch and see.

Finding herself out of a job, Leyla is thrilled when Pollard tells her that David could be about to clean up with a big contract. Neither of them realises that David isn’t convinced he should be using council contacts to help his cleaning business…

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