Storm clouds gather on Gail and Joe’s big day. Joe and Gail’s wedding goes without a hitch and both are filled with genuine emotion as they say their vows. And Joe tries to forget his problems for just one day.

Gail and Joe return back to the pub where they’re unaware of the nasty surprise that awaits them. The pub is holding their reception and Joe is shocked to find Rick there.

Tyrone hands in his notice. He drops his bombshell on Kevin, and although it’s bad timing due to Sally’s illness Kevin realises it removes a problem for him too. Things will be much easier without Molly around and he insists Tyrone should accept the job.

Also; Ken and Peter prepare for their showdown. It’s the day of the planning meeting and Ken’s fuming to see that a cocky George has already started work on the bar before permission is granted.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

A desperate plan starts to occur to Joe. Joe’s livid to see Rick at the reception and asks what he wants. He demands that Joe pays him 1k a month from now on. Joe’s crushed and as Gail makes a speech about her deep love Joe fights back the tears. When the party’s over and it’s time for the couple to leave for their honeymoon, Joe can’t bare to reveal the truth but he suggests he and Gail never return.

Gail thinks he’s joking. Meanwhile, when David overhears Tina telling Nick she regrets what happened between them he quickly twigs and Tina has to beg him not to tell Jason.

Ken’s deflated at the council planning meeting. Peter’s thrilled but Ken’s gutted as planning permission is granted on the bar. He realises there’s nothing else he can do.

Also; Sally confides in Carla and her icy demenor melts as she’s unusually supportive; Mary returns after seeing Norris’s picture in a competition magazine with Freda.

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