It’s judgement day for Aaron

Aaron is determined to go to court alone, plead guilty and go to prison. He’s sure that will be easier to bear than having people know he’s gay. But he can’t hide the gratitude he feels when he sees that his family and friends have turned up to support him. He doesn’t know what to think, though, when Jackson appears. Unaware of Aaron’s mixed feelings, the magistrate is ready to sentence him, but he asks if anyone has anything to say first. This is where Aaron could speak up and explain himself. He can see that Paddy and Chas want him to – but will he?

Farmer John is also in one of those will-he-won’t-he situations. Frisky filly Eve wants to frolic with him and pretends she’s hurt herself to get his attention. It works; John’s all over her like liniment on a sprained muscle. He knows Eve’s playing games, but that’s fine by him; he likes her idea of fun. He likes living dangerously, too, then…

Doug just wants to live a little… with Diane. He invites her out and looks forward to spending the night with her, then nasty Nathan makes him work late. He’s disappointed but Diane not so much, even though she knows how much the evening meant to Doug.

*Second episode*

It’s one of the hardest things he’ll ever have to do in his life, but Aaron finds the courage to stand up in court and defend himself, explaining why he beat up Jackson, how he was terrified people would realise he’s gay. He’s shocked and relieved when he escapes a prison sentence and is given community service instead. It’s party time at Paddy’s, but Jackson disappoints Aaron by leaving and Aaron starts to wonder if he has been brave or foolish.

Natasha is struggling with the men in her life – a position she wouldn’t be in if she hadn’t taken the life of her bigamous husband. Nathan is driving his mother to distraction by acting like he owns Home Farm and all who work for it. Meanwhile, Declan’s making changes to the business without telling her. She needs to rein them both in…

At The Woolpack, Diane tells Charlie that Doug has cancelled on her. Charlie doesn’t have to work late, though, and tells Diane he’ll take her out to dinner instead. Diane likes that idea a lot, but the evening ends on a sour note when Doug comes home and finds her enjoying herself with Charlie.

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