Today’s the day that Harry will tell Tess and Charlie which one of them is being made redundant. Charlie is called to son Louis’ school, where Louis has been suspended for smoking cannabis, which doesn’t go down well with Harry – but Tess decides to save him by volunteering herself for redundancy.

Ruth and Toby wake up in the on-call room together, Kelsey starts to gossip and is overheard by Maggie. When Toby tells Maggie he’s moved out of his mother’s house, she offers him a room. But when Toby asks Maggie if she has another room for Ruth, Maggie says no.

Elsewhere, Greg gets attacked on his way to help a man who’s been taken ill at a protest; Tess helps an illiterate woman to get advice on reading and writing after she administers the wrong medicine; and Big Mac develops a soft spot for Kelsey and tries to talk to her – but she’s not interested.