A depressed Simon avoids Will’s calls all morning and asks Ruth not to let Will through if he arrives or calls. When Will turns up outside Simon’s window, Simon lets him in the back entrance of The Mill. Will once again tells Simon that Sophie has allowed him to carry on seeing him, but Simon insists it’s over – he doesn’t want to be ‘the other woman’.

There’s no turning back for Simon as he walks back into The Mill. Alone at his desk, Simon breaks down as he looks at some old pictures of Will and deletes them one by one.

Daniel is moody after his derisory partnership offer from Heston and Julia, so Zara’s suggestion he just ‘leaves it’ gives him an idea – he’ll find another local practice looking for a partner. Zara tips Julia off as to what Daniel is planning, and she confronts him about it. When he reveals he has an interview with a top local practice on Monday, Julia gets nervous.

Also, Karen discovers that she has become the unwitting star of a unicycling comedian’s interactive comedy act… will she see the funny side?

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